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Dear America
(A National Anthem
for Unity)

© 2016

Darla releases New Patriotic Song:
"Dear America (A National Anthem for Unity)"

America. It’s the most beautiful and greatest nation in the world. Shining seas. Majestic mountain ranges. Spacious skies. Freedom to chase our dreams. And freedom to love and worship our God.

Our nation’s current political divide led me and my co-writer, Martha Christian, to write somewhat of an “open letter” to America, a National Anthem for Unity.

Unity, I’m convinced, starts with thankfulness. Thankfulness to God for His great favor and grace. And thankfulness to the men and women who have served bravely for our freedom and security.

“See, I need you and you need me if we’re gonna hang on to liberty.” That lyric pretty much sums it up. We need each other for liberty’s sake.

I pray that these lyrics inspire unity and renewed thankfulness. Stars and stripes – red, white and blue – are the fabric by which we live. Dear America, we sing this song for you.

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With Jesus Shining Bright
© 2016

"With Jesus Shining Bright"

Darla reflects on losing her mother in May 2015 and rests in the confidence that her mom is "With Jesus Shining Bright."

The title song, co-written with arranger Chris Carmichael, honors Darla's mother, Pat Elaine Pierce, who passed away on May 6, 2015. Darla's son, Jenson Day, was inspired to write his own song about Nana, and pianist Jamie Lawrence set it to music for him. Jenson's cousin, Christina Colovos, accompanies Jenson on the simple, four line song… "We Miss Nana."

Darla explains, "Today is a day I didn't want to have to remember and dread it on the calendar each year. As a creative type person, sometimes the only way I can understand my own feelings is to write them down and put them to music. In memory of my mom who left this earth one year ago today around this same time of day, I share this song with you. Many thanks to Chris Carmichael for co-writing "With Jesus Shining Bright." I hope that this song blesses you and helps you have sweet memories of your loved ones that got to Heaven before we did."

Check out Darla Day: With Jesus Shining Bright under the music tab. You'll find it available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon and most other digital music stores.




DARLA DAY: Believe
© 2014

Darla speaks about her latest worship album...


It’s a word we casually throw out at times.  I was guilty too, but I didn’t realize what it truly meant to believe.  It’s been 9 years since I released my last full recording, and a lot has happened during that time.  I’ve had to learn what it truly means to believe that God will get me to the end of each and every day.  I’ve experienced emotions on a level I can’t even describe.  I’ve seen the bottom of a pit that I thought I could never get out of and even wondered if I wanted to get out at times.  Over these last 9 years, I have had to choose to believe even when I didn’t feel like it.  I now realize the value of a small victory and how to celebrate the tiniest win.  I’ve also learned the impact of a positive word and how to keep the “small things” small.  I’ve seen generosity and unconditional love beyond measure in people all across the world who have prayed for me and encouraged me when I’ve had zero strength or words to pray for myself.

Each of the worship songs on this album have greatly impacted my life.  I have held a microphone and cried through many of these songs while the message in them gave me life.  Song by song, year by year, prayer by prayer, and hope by hope.

There are so many people I would love to personally thank, but I could never name all of you because there is simply not enough room.  Please know how much I appreciate your prayers, encouragement and support. Thank you for loving me and my family.  Thank you for interceding on our behalf and for being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Thank you to my wonderful husband, Chad, who put every piece of this recording together.  We are the perfect team.  Thank you for walking through the many mountains and valleys with me.  An extra special thank you to the brightest light for Jesus that I know (and the most beautiful soul on earth)... Jenson Elijah Day.  God is saving His biggest plans for you, and I hope I have a front row seat to watch.  You are our miracle in so many different ways and you are perfect exactly the way God made you.  To our family, friends and all of you who have encouraged me with my music from the beginning, your care and support have gone above and beyond, and we love you so much and are eternally grateful for you in our lives.  And finally, a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who gave their talents to this project vocally and instrumentally.

What do you believe?  I believe in God.  I believe in miracles.  I believe He hears me when I call.  I believe He knows what is best and yet still allows us the freedom to choose.  I believe that He alone gives hope... that He alone is peace, joy and love.  I believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father.  He alone gives life, and I believe He can do the same for everyone!

Check out Darla Day: Believe under the music tab. You'll find it available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon and most other digital music stores.

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